Temple of Anubis


Game Mode

Point Capture

Temple of Anubis is a location in Overwatch. It is playable in the Point Capture Game Mode.

Temple of Anubis Information


Temple of Anubis Background


Temple of Anubis Map


Temple of Anubis Tactics (Defence)

On the first point of Temple of Anubis, while setting up, gain the high ground in front of the Temple of Anubis gate to stop the enemy team from pushing through the left entrance to gain the high ground that you owned. Doing this should trigger a fight in either the left room or in the main entrance and if they go through the main entrance you could still have the height advantage, stopping their push.

Strongly suggested heroes for Defence: Reinhardt, Ana  & Lucio/Zenyatta.

Temple of Anubis Tactics (Offence)

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