Aleksandra Zaryanova, 28




Krasnoyarsk Front, Russia


Russian Defense Forces

Zarya is a Hero in Overwatch.

Zarya Information

"Together we are strong."

Zarya Abilities


Passive Ability

Damage blocked increases Particle Cannon damage.

particle_cannon.pngParticle Cannon


Ammo: 100
Zarya's mighty Particle Cannon unleashes a short-range beam of destructive energy. Alternatively, Zarya can lob an explosive charge to strike multiple opponents.

particle_barrier.pngParticle Barrier


Duration: 2 Seconds
Cooldown: 10 Seconds
The Particle Cannon can emit a personal barrier that shields Zarya against incoming attacks, redirecting their energy to enhance her weapon's damage and the width of its beam.

projected_barrier.pngProjected Barrier


Duration: 2 Seconds
Cooldown: 8 Seconds
Zarya surrounds one of her teammates with an energy barrier that simultaneously absorbs fire and boosts the power of her Particle Cannon.

graviton_surge.pngGraviton Surge

Ultimate Ability

Duration: 4 Seconds
Zarya launches a gravity bomb that draws in enemy combatants and deals damage while they're trapped.

Zarya Gameplay

Zarya Tactics and Strategies

  • Zarya does not have as much health as the other Tanks. Be sure to keep your shields up. Or, if you want, get armor.
  • She is a little more complicated to run as she depends on her shields to generate better damage. Her cannon's beam is only really useful within 15 meters but the damage boost from shield absorption can be useful if not brief. Her ultimate is an effective crowd control that can be paired with other heroes' areas of effects like Pharah's missile barrage.

Zarya Backstory

Aleksandra Zaryanova is one of the world's strongest women, a celebrated athlete who sacrificed personal glory to protect her family, friends, and country in a time of war.

Aleksandra was born in a remote Siberian village that was on the front lines of the Omnic Crisis, which began some thirty years ago. Although Russian forces defeated the robots and shut down their omnium, the region was devastated by the conflict. Only a child at the time, Aleksandra was surrounded by the post-war destruction, and as she grew older, she swore that she would gain the strength to help her people recover.

Focusing on weightlifting and bodybuilding, Aleksandra was identified by the national athletics program as a potential star. She trained extensively, moving up the ranks while representing her country, and was expected to shatter longstanding records in the upcoming world championships.

But on the eve of the tournament, an attack came from the long-dormant Siberian omnium, and her village was thrust into war once again. Aleksandra immediately withdrew from the competition and rushed home to enlist in the local defense forces, sacrificing the life of fame and fortune she might have had.

Now she serves—a symbol to some, a stalwart fellow soldier to others. But for Aleksandra, it is a chance to use her great strength to protect the ones she loves.

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