Controls in Overwatch.

Controls Information

The following is from the Overwatch Subreddit:

  • All heroes have a quick-melee attack (default "V" key). (30 damage) Using the Quick melee will interupt reloading.
  • There is no fall damage.
  • All heroes have an Ultimate Ability. This ability can only be used when their meter is full.
    • The meter's level persists through death, but not hero changes.
    • The meter is filled by dealing damage, healing allies, taking damage.
    • Heroes' meters fill at different rates. See "ULTIMATE" tab.
    • Healing targets @ full health will not charge Ultimate.
  • Heroes can crouch using the CTRL key.
  • Heroes can jump using the SPACE bar.
  • Heroes can reload using the 'R' key.
  • Headshots do x2 damage. See "Headshots" tab for more information.
  • Buildables, such as mines (Widowmaker), turrets (Torbjorn and Symmetra), and teleporters (Symmetra) are not destroyed upon death of the hero who created them.
  • All non-Ultimate "explosive" abilities (Pharah's Falcon Rocket Launcher, S:76's Helix Rockets, Junkrat's Frag Launcher) deal up to 80 splash (non-direct) damage, and up to 40 self-damage if the explosion is too close.

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