New Player Help in Overwatch


New Player Help

  • Start by choosing one of the Roles that matches your playstyle. From there look through the different Heroes and identify one within that role that would best match the type of style you're looking to play. Keep an eye out on the Difficulty rating on their individual hero pages to get an idea of what the learning curve will be. If you're just starting brand new, using a 1 star hero may be your best strategy for learning the ropes. Everything is available to you from the start, so everyone is on the same playing field. Beyond cosmetics, there is nothing to unlock that powers you up, making the gap between rookies and vets only one of skill and experience. Newcomers can contribute right away to their team's success.
  • Heroes can be swapped in match, so pay attention to the makeup of your team. You don't want to have all Offense, ideally you want a party that is balanced. Look to keep around 2 offense, 2 defense, a tank and 1 or 2 support roles to keep the team as strong as it can be. It's not always about glory, so don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and swap to a hero that will help balance the party.
  • The Game Modes are not death match, so work together with your teammates to complete objectives. Although it's tempting to run out and start hunting the enemy, your primary objectives are your first priority. If everyone is actively using voice/text chat to communicate the team will be that much more coordinated and powerful.
  • Snipers are deadly in the right hands, so be prepared to deal with them as opposition and try to keep one present on your own party. Take the time to learn the maps to discover the best positions to post up in as well as where to root out sneaky foes.
  • Don't forget about your healing support! If someone on your team is doing the selfless work to keep the team boosted and healed, don't forget to look after their well being too. Players like Mercy are not equipped to defend themselves in a 1v1 and need looking after if they are going to be able to do their jobs effectively. A tight team with good support is a force to be reckoned with.
  • Play the game a lot. Learning the maps and how the different Heroes compliment each other, as well as their counters is the way to success in Overwatch. If you've hit a rut and are getting crushed in games, give the Training room and AI matches a try. They are great ways to try unlimited experimentation with all the Abilities at your disposal.

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