Player Rank in Overwatch is the player's ranking in the Competitive Play Game Mode.

Player Rank Information

The Player Rank system for Overwatch is tied in with the Progression System. The Competitive Play Game Mode will debut sometime after the game's initial launch, and will be available for players at least Level 25.

According to Jeff Kaplan in an interview with Eurogamer, the final system may look like this:

"We're trying to decide just how competitive we want to make it and how much progression we want to design into it - and by progression I don't mean a progression rewards system. What I mean is that you can do a ranked or rating system that really nails what a player's skill is really quickly, without requiring a lot of matches. That player skill does not change that much, despite what people think. Or you can do a system like Hearthstone, where there's a lot of progression to the ranking itself. The rank system feels like a progression system and it's not until you get into that legendary phase where it really becomes more about nailing an exact player ranking or rating. So we're exploring all of those directions.

The other thing we're talking heavily about is what should the team size be for ranked play? We know that players always want a solo queue for ranked play, but it is a team based game. We have a lot of concerns around how do you put an accurate ranking or rating on a player who is solo queuing in a team based game, without creating a lot of issues and making a lot of leaps in how you rate the player. It also tends to really up the toxicity there is. So we're definitely looking at either a full six-person queue type of ranked play, or a premade team kind of ranked play. And then we're going to explore if there's a way to allow solo queuing in a way that's healthy, accurate and actually means something. We don't want to do it unless it has some teeth to it. Right now, we're definitely looking at six person groups or premade teams as being what we would focus the ranked play around. Other sizes are TBD, I don't have an answer on that yet."

Player Ranks

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