Progression System in Overwatch.  

Progression System Information

The Progression System for Overwatch will reward players for playing the game with items that are 100% cosmetic for their Heroes. The progression system will be as follows:

  • There is currently no level cap to the progression system.
  • Players will gain experience and level up by playing in matches, regardless of which Heroes are played the experience all goes into one player pool.
  • As players level up in Overwatch, they'll earn rewards, like portrait borders for character portraits.
  • Those portraits borders change all 10 Levels.
  • Also like in Competitive Ranking System there are different types of degrees, for the Progression System existing four degrees right now, Bronze,Silver, Gold and Platinum. Your character portrait borders have related colours to those degrees.
  • The degree and the related portrait border colours change all 600 Level ups.
  • Every time they level up, they'll also get a loot box, which spawns with four items (cosmetics or credits). Those items come in four rarity types: common, rare, epic and legendary.
  • Loot boxes can drop new character skins, new emote animations and voice-over lines that players can use to customize their heroes. Loot boxes can also contain other cosmetic perks, like victory poses, character sprays that can be painted on in-game surfaces and character avatars.
  • Players can cash in duplicate loot box items for in-game credits, which can then be spent on other cosmetic items. Some loot boxes will also contain credits.
  • Players will be able to browse cosmetics in the game's Hero Gallery, a front end that lets players see all those skins, animations and taunts in action.
  • Players may be able in the future to purchase those customizations via microtransactions.
  • Once achieving Level 25, the Competitive Play Game Mode will be available once it is released after launch for players.

The following are the customization categories per player. At launch each hero has 54 unlockable customizations:

  • 10 Skins: changes in hero color scheme as well as costume
  • 3 Emotes: in game actions
  • 3 Victory Poses: poses upon winning a match
  • 10 Voice Lines: bits of spoken dialogue
  • 25 Sprays: logos that can be painted on in-game surfaces
  • 3 Highlight Intros: intros played before a highlight


Earning Experience


Occurence XP Earned
Time spent in a match 4.01 XP/Second
Bronze Medal 50 XP
Silver Medal 100 XP
Gold Medal 150 XP
Match Finish 250 XP
Match Won 500 XP
First Match Of The Day 1500 XP
Group Bonus +20% XP

NOTE: You receive bonus XP for only one medal per match (Maximum of 150 bonus XP per match). If you receive multiple medals, you will earn only the XP of the highest medal earned.

Progression Ranks


Current Level XP To Next Level
1 1500
2 3000
3 4500
4 6000
5 7500
6 8500
7 9500
8 10500
9 11500
10 12500
11 13500
12 14500
13 15500
14 16500
15 17500
16 18500
17 19000
18 19500
19+ 20000

NOTE: Like in the Competitive Season Ranking System, existing currently as mentioned shortly above three degrees, its unofficial and unconfirmed from Blizzard if they will add four more degrees to have in the end seven, like in the Competitive Season Ranking System, and if they will set a level cap. The level degree changes all 600 Level ups means from level 1-600 you are Bronze, from level  601-1200 you are Silver and from level 1201-1800 you are Gold. Also the character portrait border colours will change if you achieve the required level. Its more meant to give a unique appearence and show others how intensively or how long you've played the game, so it doesn't mirror your skill at all, as Competitive Season Ranking System does.

For a quick overview you can download the following Excel file it shows the current Progression/Level System in a quite detail:

UPDATE: Now we have officially four degrees in the Progression System called Platinum from Level 1801 to Level 2400, how it looks like you are able to check out on Tazzerk's official twitter account he is the third highest Player in Overwatch. Look here  

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    • Anonymous

      This is all fine and dandy, but HOW DO YOU EQUIP THE PORTRAIT BORDERS ON THE PS4?
      I got two portrait borders, and no clue on how the ***** to equip them.

      • Anonymous

        Overwatch has now four degrees the new one is Platinum, i'll update my overview list soon as possible, until then if you are interested you can for example check Tazzerk's Twitter account how the new Portraits are looking, he is one of 3 Players who achieve this Level(s).^^

        • Anonymous

          Can you please remake that entire paragraph? It is extremely illiterate and just a grammatical *****ball of nonsense.

          • I use Xbox One for Overwatch. Today I just promoted for the third time meaning I am level 301. However, it says I need 20000xp to get level 2, but on this page it says you need 1500xp to get to the next level. Has it glitches for me?

            • Anonymous

              >23+ = 22000It's logic, Sombra, not in history but in Blizzard studios are Skycoder, the main dev of Overwatch.

              • Anonymous

                I don't really know what to say but the system seems pretty fair to me as just by leveling up i got legendaries and other goodies and you can get a level a day if you have a group.

                • Anonymous

                  The whole Lootbox progression is just to make you more suspectible to buy the boxes till you get what you want. You will not be able to get every item without spending money, and knowing that if maybe you buy just those 2 more, youll get that skin you wanted. Give us progression rewards based upon who we play and what we do. Dont throw me 4 sprays for Mei when I never play that character.

                  • Anonymous

                    So I just got a portrait level I guess but I'm not sure what that means and it's the first time I've noticed it. Anybody know what that means?

                    • Anonymous

                      Personally, I consider the level playing field for all characters' loadouts and abilities to be a great feature. It means that each loadout comes as an easily identifiable and balanced system. When you see a Genji, no matter what skin they have, you know that he's vulnerable to beam weapons and you adapt accordingly. Imagine what it'd be like to face a Roadhog and having to wonder whether he's rocking a scrap gun, or a howitzer, or having to face off against a soldier who can switch out between a belt fed machinegun, a shotgun and a sniper rifle. It'd outright break the game and make it MUCH harder to learn how to play co-operatively for newer players who are unlikely to co-ordinate through voice comms.Level playing field FTW.

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